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Al's Perch Patties

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  1. 1/2 cup finely chopped onion
  2. 1 cup fish fry batter
  3. dash or two of salt & pepper
  4. fish fillets
  5. 1/2 pan of water
  6. 1/2 pan of cold water
  7. 1 egg beaten
  8. 1/4 cup of milk or buttermilk


  1. Bring pan of water to boil; place fillets into boiling water for no more than two (2) minutes; immediately remove or strain off hot water, and immediatlely put fillets into cold water, until fillets are cool. Remove fillets, place in dish or bowl, and break into small fine peices. In bowl or another pan or bowl, mix the onion, batter, salt & pepper, beaten egg, milk and fillets. Mix well, form into patties about same size you would for a burger or a little smaller. Place into pan with 1/8 inch of vegetable or peanut oil, and brown on each side. It won't take long! Remove, and place on plate with paper towels to drain excess oil. WALLAHhhhh----Mmmmmm GOOD !
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