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Salmon River Fishing Report 10/14/2019

The action has been heating up in the morning rather than the afternoon to the evening. Temperatures stayed in the mid 50's with a warmer day in the 60s on Sunday, but not enough change to do much to the water. That "slow, but productive" tag from the previous report is still in effect as anglers had to work for their bites this past weekend. Temperatures are supposed to stay in the mid 50's to 60's during the day this week and drop into the higher 40's in the evenings. Productive patterns this past weekend were egg sucking leeches, sucker spawns, woolly buggers, sculpin minnows, and estaz eggs.
Salmon River Fishing Report 10/9/19

Several anglers are reporting double digit hookups with most of the action coming from the middle section of the DSR. Steelhead and Brown trout are being added to the mix of catches in low, but promising numbers. The best way to categorize the days are "slow, but productive." The temperature is dropping more and more every night with this morning being in the mid 40's. With the recent rain anglers also reported reeling in some Kings within some of the smaller tributaries. As always, the biggest factor of success is covering as much water as possible. Productive patterns are mainly estaz eggs and woolly buggers. However, egg sucking leeches, sucker spawns, and glo-bugs are also in the mix.
Salmon River Fishing Report 10/7/19

This past weekend brought the first frost of the season with temperatures hitting mid 40s to low 50s. Overall there have been mixed reports. Anglers that are covering a lot of water and fishing hard have done well while others have claimed the action to be slow. Kings are moving throughout the DSR , Black Hole, Town Pool, and Ballpark. In the mid to upper end of the river the fish are holding in and around the deeper holes and larger runs. The Upper Fly Zone is also a very productive sport at this time. The most productive patterns continue to be estaz eggs, sucker spawn, woolly buggers, and egg sucking leeches.
Central New York Fishing Hotline

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation provides a weekly fishing report for the Salmon River and other fishable waters in Region 7 and the eastern portions of Region 8. The most recent report highlights that salmon are being caught in increasing numbers throughout the Salmon River, but especially in the lower river. Most fishing activity is occurring in the early morning and evening, with activity decreasing during mid-day and in bright conditions.
Flow of the Salmon River available online

The flow of the Salmon River is available online. To see it click here. We have also added a link to this site on the Weather and Waves page of this site. You can also get the conditions by calling: 1-800-452-1742 and entering code 365123. The USGS gage at Pineville is here.