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Walleye Shish-Ka-Bob

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Mr, Walleye
This recipe is one of many that I have. Years of fishing and camping have made a cookbook of recipes that I have learned. Many by trial and error. Remember any recipe that calls for chicken can be made with fresh fish.


  1. 2-lbs fresh walleye cut into 1-1/2 squares
  2. 1- medium onion
  3. 1-small green,red and yellow bell peppers
  4. 8-ounces fresh mushrooms sliced thick
  5. 4- plum tomatoes
  6. garlic salt
  7. pepper
  8. pam for the grill


  1. Cut the onion in half and peel the layers so as to form cup shapes. Cut bell peppers into 1-1/2 squares. Slice plum tomatoes lengthwise and then slice thick. Place ingredients alternating onto skewer. Rinse in cold water and apply garlic salt and pepper to taste. Spray grill good with pam and grill till walleye is done.
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