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Location: Oak Orchard
Time Observed: Sun., Oct. 5
Water Conditions: Low
When I arrived at the Oak early Sunday afternoon, and saw few cars and few anglers, I knew it would be slow. The river was low, and holding surprisingly few fish. Most fish were at the bend at the Archery Club. There were very fish upstream. Reports were that it has been slow this season up to this point. Caught one king, and saw a good number of kings and coho in that pool. Saw one nice brown on a stringer.
Location: Ball Park
Time Observed: 9/10/2013
Water Conditions: Clear, warm, about 350cfs w/runoff
Fished the ball park this morning, didn't get there till about 10am and there were plenty of fish moving through. Everyone was hooking up left and right with good pods of kings moving through. It was overcast in the morning and cleared to about 80 by noon with sunshine. Didn't seem to affect the kings at all. Tight Lines to all!
Location: Everywhere
Time Observed: Always
Water Conditions: 185 cfs
SALMON RIVER PULASKI NY FISHING REPORT: Sept. 18-2012 It's raining cats and dogs outside and the wind is blow'n. Forecast to get (around) 1-3 inch's. Ye-Haa! I'm lucky to have the day off and be inside nice and dry, looking out. I might melt! (Har-har) The Pineville water level gauge is going up as I type this at 1PM. Just run-off. Fish top to bottom, more showing up, up river, all the usual spots hold'n (in this water level) We had the upper river (in our area-approx. 3/4 mile) to ourselves with fish as far as the eye could see. Not loaded, but enouph to have plenty of opportunity, all day, in all spots, with no other anglers around? I took my own advice and we hiked around a lil. We even left fish to find fish. Exciting! At one point we didnt know where to cast as we had fish at the head of the pool leaving up the rapids, at - below the head holding, in the middle and tail with more working there way up the rapids into our spot. Dont ya just hate when that happens? Load's of fish down low, middle is holding some reeel nice numbers, all working up and filling the upper even more. "There's No Ho, like a Coho" are showing up. Best Fish's, Randy - Sept. 16 In this flow (water level), at this time of the fish's life cycle, in my opinion, my #1 Tip to any new anglers would be to fish where there is current and you cant see the bottom of the river. (Please let me know if you find one in this flow, Har-har :) This would be considered a prime lye for Salmon that are in a transitional holding and or holding mode. Oct. 1 is when you'll start to see the bulk of these holding Salmon start to move onto that special type of rock. This is when the entire river comes alive. You'll have fish entering and running the river resting in the above area's plus spawning. Make sure you knot's are good and hold on tight! I hope some of my past and present suggestion's help you all along the path to "Fish ON" Randy - Sept. 15 We are seeing some Coho's along with King Salmon. We have most fish from Mid-River all the way down, estuary and out into the lake. Plenty around, filtering in, up and spreading out up the river daily. It's always nice to see nice number's filtering up the entire length of the river. This helps to spread the anglers out. Lil Tip: If you wanted to fish where there are fewer angler's and a few fish, try up river. Or, go for a walk. Especially in the more crowded, easily accessible area's. 2nd Tip: You can always fish the transitional holding area's during low light periods and then move to the deeper pools during mid-day. Last Tip: Heads of pools - deep run's - deep channels - with current, over all best, in these conditions, in my opinion :) Tails and Pockets in the Rapids an optional treat. - We recieved some nice heavy rain last evening. Water level is still 185 cfs. Not enouph water for them to raise it now, or in the near future. Doesn't matter as the fish will still run. Lil rain in the forecast. Water is still warm. Few of these early fish are ripe with loose egg's, dark and ready to spawn. - Thanks for stopping by and spending your valuable internet fishing time here! Best Fish's, Randy Jones P.S. Im back doing Report's, Articles, Tips, Pic's and my usual Ramblings on http://www.yankeeangler.com/FishingReport.html
Location: Oak Orchard
Time Observed: 10/7-10/9
Water Conditions: question
Just trying to see how the conditions are looking on the Oak Orchard river and surrounding Tribs. I know Erie Tribs are kicking any info would be great tbronder5@yahoo.com
Time Observed:
Water Conditions:
This last week of Steelhead fishing has been incredible, here on the Salmon River, Pulaski, NY.
The Steelies are all in there normal places for this time of year, water flow, stage of there life, etc....
Drop-backs, etc.. abound!
We have been playing with 3-12 fish per day and landing 2-4 per day!
They will be releasing all of the fish at the hatchery soon. This will add even more steelhead to the river!
The hatchery has gotten more eggs then usual, which is great news!
The water level is at a comfortable fishing and wading level of 750 cfs presently.
Looks like it may remain at this prime water flow level for awhile. (?)
Best Fish's,
Randy Jones
Location: S.R.
Time Observed: 3/17
Water Conditions: Normal for the Spring
I,ve been guiding on the S.R. all Winter to present.
Plently of fish in the correct current breaks, related to the current water flows, time of year and the fish's want's and need's during there present life expanding needs and wants.
Go get'm,
Best Fish's Randy Jones
Location: Step Pool/ Cemetery
Time Observed: 9/25-9/26
Water Conditions: 500 CFS/ Clear
Fished Saturday and Sunday, pretty slow saturday, saw a lot of snaggers hooking up and breaking off with a decent number of kings. I brought in one rainbow saturday. 2 Steelies on Sunday. Sunday started off pretty good, then picked up again early afternoon. Lot of big fish started coming through it seems after the rain saturday night.
Location: puliski
Time Observed: labor day weekend
Water Conditions: good
fish are comin in to douglaston but bring your wallet
Location: Salmon River
Time Observed: Oct 4 to 8th
Water Conditions: rising
Arrived Sun, fished ballfield had a few hookups and landed 3, Not to bad. Monday was better at tressel, landed 9 well over 30 hookups. That evening river went from 335 to 750. Back to tressel on Tues, Fish in river but were moving fast, few hookups, landed one, more fish in feeder streams, hard to fight with all logs in water. Wed Best Day for fish worst day for weather due to rain, Went to Altmar. River thick with fish, even bumped into them crossing. Lots of hookup and landings, arms were hurting at end of day, Best fishing day in over five years for our group. That evening at Fat Nancys found out they were asing river again. Fished in town by second bridge still had hookups. Saw really nice brown trout caught, was able to see its weight and it was just under 12 pounds. Pretty sure the faster water will mess up the key weekend for the local business's
Location: Oswego River
Time Observed: 10/2-4/09
Water Conditions: 6000+ cf/s
Friday: rainy day, high water, a lot of fish in the river and a lot of hook ups,
Saturday: perfect sunny day, plenty of powerful fresh kings, it was "hot-soup" day, every 3 minutes "fish on!!" then "coming up!!" or "coming down!!"...
less in the afternoon, but still very good.
Sunday... slower day, good action in the morning, then not so great.
Lures: estaz flies and sponges, also egg sacks but less effective.
Location: pulaski
Time Observed: soon
Water Conditions:
does anyone ever say anything on this report page?
Time Observed: 10-2,10-3
Water Conditions: ???
Coming up this weekend to the oak anyone know what conditions and fish are like in Ontario Tribs?
Marsh, Sandy, Johnson etc....
Location: salmon and oswego
Time Observed: last week
Water Conditions: low
fish last week few salom be caught got to duoglaston did pretty well that would be my advice go with fresh line the fish are green and dont want to give up got multiple hook up did the rain dance all week with no avail fish are there wish is was this week.colder weather the better or water nice cuople of cohos and browns.oswego up by the dams hitting them no place for kids thuogh water was low in the morning got a little bpt higher coming out got little scary
Time Observed: ON GOING
Water Conditions:
Time Observed:
Water Conditions:
Brown Trout in July at the Oswego River. This is the craziest thing I have seen. For last two weeks up at the Dam it has been nuts. The numbers of them are simply shocking. To the people who salmom fish up there the browns are jumping on the dam. Like I said its crazy. I dont know what brought them up there I have'nt seen any large numbers of shad or bait fish. I have fished the river for 30 yrs what hell his going on.